I’m back

I tried to stay away from blogging. I tried staying over on myspace. It almost worked but I got a new toy(laptop) so  I’ve been surfing the net. I do have something I want to say so why not say it on my own blog.

Since I’ve been away I’ve finished the edits on one novel (will be published in the fall) and finished writing another one (will be published next year) and also worked on several more writing projects. I’m real excited about 2 sets of collaborations. One is an anthology with 3 of my dear friends who happen to be authors. I’m so excited about it. The other project I’m working on is a collaboration that will surprise a few people. I’m not sure if they are ready to make the official announcement, so for now I’ll keep the details under wrap …Readers should enjoy both books. )

So much stuff has happened since I last post. Let’s see, Paris went to jail, Paris got out of jail, Paris got ordered to go back to jail and so on & so forth. I’m sure you’re like that’s so yesterday’s news. You’re right. I’m not sure of what angle my new blog comeback will be. I’m used to blogger so I’m trying to figure out if I can change my template here on wordpress…so if you stop back by and it looks different…don’t fret…it’s just me playing around with it.



  1. So glad you are back! Now you know you have me scratching my head, wondering, and smiling. I can’t wait until you start making announcements!

  2. Love your new spot Shelia!!! Welcome back.

  3. Thanks Peggy and PrincessDominique. It’s great to be back!

  4. Good to have you on WP. It is awesome!

  5. Makasha, glad to be back and I’m loving the ease of wordpress.

  6. Shelia

    I can’t wait for the announcement. Well, my major contribution for the day is Thank God It’s Friday. I’ve never wanted a weekend so badly like this week.

  7. Michelle…this has been a long week but I’m glad we made it through. Have a good weekend.

  8. Hey Shelia! :) Thanks for introducing me to the site, it’s comfy. Plus, you seem more at home over here, so I’ll be checking you out!

    Happy weekend. :-}

  9. Beverly, thanks for stopping by. Myspace is more of my “business” page but over here is where it’ll just be the rants and raves of a 30 something year old woman who just happens to be a writer. :)

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