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What happens when you go from being friends to lovers? I’ve always had males as friends since as long as I can remember. I have several male friends who are like brothers to me. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their girl and the feeling is mutual. So this post isn’t about those type of male friends. I want to talk about the male friend who you may have had some type of romantic thought about but instead of either one of you acting on it, you kept it in the “friend” category.

There’s a thin line between going from being friends to lovers. What if things don’t work out? Will you lose a good friend? Can it ever go back to the way it used to be? Is it really worth losing a friend over?

But on the other hand, who knows you better than your friend? Doesn’t it make it easier if you’re friends first? Shouldn’t your mate be your best friend anyway?

Have you ever gone from being a friend to a lover? If you’re no longer together, are you still friends? What were some of the pros and cons?

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