Interview with Mechele Armstrong

Mechele Armstrong is a prolific writer and has written books in various genres. 

Mechele, please give the readers a little background on who you are.

I’m an author who lives in Virginia. In between playing with my characters, I play mom to two girls, wife to a computer geek, psychiatrist to a neurotic dog, and sevant to one diva kitty.

Describe your writing life. What is a typical day like for you?
LOL I have kids and pets. No day is typical.  My ideal day starts with shooing the humans out of the house, turning off the internet and writing for several hours.  Love those days.  Love any days where I get a lot of writing done.

Why did you decide to write in the romance genre? I love the happily ever after.  To the point, books get thrown, I yell at screens when I don’t get it.  So it was natural. I do enjoy somethings without an HEA.  But for me, happily ever afters are what I like to create.

How does your family feel about you being a writer?

My hubby knows it’s something I love and is very supportive. I call him my first fan because he enouraged me to write long before I took it seriously.  For Christmas, he gave me a poster with all my covers on it.  My kids are both excited to have “an author” in the family. Though I’ve told them they can’t read my  books until they are 18.  LOL. I need to write a book they can read.  The girls have celebrated with me when I’ve gotten contracts or a jazzy new cover. Others are pretty supportive, too.  My Mother in law bought a print copy of Dinah’s Dark Desire for me to sign.

Tell me about your books.
Hee.  Let’s see. The Six Curses of Christmas came out in December.  It’s about a woman cursed into a tree who tries to curse a man with love to torture him. It backfires.  Ingram’s Charm, under my cowritten pseudonym of Melany Logen, released in January.  It’s a futuristic set on a space ship.  In March, I will hopefully see the release of Bold Bride, a sexy historical as Melany Logen, and The Sixth Curse of Spring, which features Deidre, the lady stuck in the tree, trying to protect the woman who owns her tree from men.  I just finished the next Settler’s Mine, entitled The Woman, which is a menage set in a futuristic world where heartstones determine who your mates are. 

How can readers learn more about you and your books?

My website is   I encourage people to join my Yahoo group because that’s where I share news and information first.


  1. But for me, happily ever afters are what I like to create.

    I think thats a great muse to have. So does that mean you’re goal is to always find ways to create and re-create the endings?

  2. Great interview! I’ll have to check out some of Mechele’s work.


  3. Don/Gwyneth, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great Interview, more to add to my to purchase list.


  5. Don, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I always look for creative ways to get to the ending for my characters.

    Thank you so much, Gwyneth! I appreciate you stopping by.

    Shelia, thank you so much for having me.

    Angelia, thank you! I hope you like what you find.

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