Secrets Untold First Review

Secrets Untold by Shelia M. Goss
Reviewed by Angelia Vernon Menchan
Five *****Rating

Secrets Untold by Shelia M. Goss is exactly what young adult fiction should be. The story is filled with fun, teen antics and drama and more drama. More importantly, it speaks to the matters of family, faith and love.

Porsha is a young, beautiful girl who is going to be sweet sixteen soon and all she is concerned about is her party and being fly. However, Porsha’s life is about to be turned upside down in a way she could never imagine. She has spent her life as her mother and father’s princess with all her heart could desire. Her biggest concerns are keeping a 4.0 GPA and staying away from her annoying, younger brothers. But, an evening spent eavesdropping changes her life and what she thought she knew forever. She is stunned to learn that her father is not really her father and she is even more shocked to find out who her real father is.

Immediately, Porsha and her family are caught up in the drama of what this new information means and Porsha’s relationship with her mother, Angela, could be ruined forever. Not only that but there are more players involved than the young teen could have imagined and they are not all on her side. Ms. Goss does a wonderful job of bringing the drama in this fast-moving, entertaining story. But, she also manages to balance the story with the antics of teen relationships , budding love affairs and how secrets impact the lives of everyone involved.

I read the entire book in three hours and was transfixed from beginning to end. I was a bit surprised by the ending, but it added a poignant, timely component. I recommend Secrets Untold to all young adult readers and to those who are young at heart and simply love great story-telling. Secrets Untold and all the books in the Lip-Gloss Chronicles are winners.


  1. Great review….
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