Angelia Menchan – The Regina’s Revelations Guest Feature

About Regina’s Revelations:

Regina James stood at the long mirror staring at her image. She was being released from the mental hospital in two days and she was medicated and ready to go. Six months earlier she had taken William Brown and Jay Williams hostage, publicly… humiliating Brown. Prior to that day she had silently gone mad while becoming a renown clothing designer called Reggie J!
She had gotten off lightly because kidnapping carried a huge sentence but her mental illness and Brown refusing to press charges had resulted in her stay at Le Health Feminique, a posh mental hospital for women. She discussed her issues of incest, promiscuity and addiction. She’d also written a book with the assistance of Cinnamon Black. Staring at her six foot, curvy, aging frame with stark white curls made her smile slightly. She didn’t know if the world was ready for Regina’s Revelations, but Regina was ready for the world.

Meet Angelia Menchan:

What do you want to do different in 2013 that you didn’t do in 2012?
I am going back on the road. Most of 2012 was spent providing ebooks, so not much travel, though I did several speaking engagements, but now is time to reintroduce my body of work to the world.

What song would you use as the soundtrack of your life and why?
I would have to say I’M EVERY WOMAN as sung by Chaka Khan, I a child of God, wife, mother, sister, friend, budget analyst, former counselor, author, publisher and speaker, so many women in one tall body.

What television show best describes your life and why?
Sixty Minutes, so much to do and learn, every hour.

What’s your favorite quote & why?
From whom much is given, much is reguired.

What character in your new book could you most relate to?
Cinnamon Black, she has worn herself down from assisting others, but still she rises.
You seem to have mastered the art of writing short stories. Can you tell readers about some of your short stories?
I have three series, THE BE CAREFUL SERIES, are stories of several families who are interconnected and it is filled with their drama and life challenges, filtered with love. There are currently 39 episodes.

The Tribal Wife Series are five stories born of the premise of a man asking his wife to marry another man because he is challenged by the phobia of touch, however there is so much underlying madness and intrigue it belies the wife as the central focus.

I just start a new series where only women inhabit the island of Blamazonia and is run by the Goddess Aiola. Prior to her men were only for sex and mating and boy children were given away. She is bringing change. I have written two to date and they are fantasy romantic.

What’s next for Angelia?
I am publishing books for others this year. March 19, I am publishing Little Wing a children’s book by biologist, Erin Gawera, March 19, I am publishing Honorable MENCHAN Poetry 2013, featuring, Dictator, Genesis and Creammy Mocha! In April, I am publishing the memoirs of Lena Jordan a breast cancer survivor. And for me, the sky is the limit, I WILL WRITE ON!


  1. I am a fan of Angelia Vernon Menchan’s work and thoroughly enjoyed her books Mixed Marriages and Other Relationships as well as Regina’s Revelations! She’s also an awesome Blogger and a true inspiration to those who follow her work!

  2. thanks Shelia you are always so supportive!

  3. SD Denny, I love her work too. Thank you for stopping by and showing your support.

  4. Anytime. You’re one of my favorite authors :)

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