Ta’Mara Hanscom Guest Feature

 Ta’Mara Hanscom is the author of the Caselli Family Series. Learn more about this author in today’s guest feature.

What do you want to do different in 2013 that you didn’t do in 2012?
I’d like to sell more books! I think my books have a great message, and as many people as possible need to be reading them.

What song would you use as the soundtrack of your life and why?
Amazing Grace – My Chains Are Gone by Chris Tomlin. Because I couldn’t function without the saving Grace of Jesus Christ, and His influence in my life.

What television show best describes your life and why?
Perry Mason! Perry is thorough when he’s doing his investigations, and I see myself much like that as I study my Bible and prepare to teach ladies’ Sunday School.

What’s your favorite quote and why?
“I am blessed with work!” And it’s a comment made by the character Grandpa in Return to Me. I am so blessed with my work. I love to write and I love to minister to women, and that’s exactly what I get to do all day long, every day. And though at times I’m overloaded (my cup runneth over!) I always feel blessed beyond measure that God has chosen me for this particular vocation.

What character in your new book could you most relate to?
Alyssa Caselli. She’s a very thorough, very intense United States Marshal. She’s winds up partnered with a man that she doesn’t think very much of, and she doesn’t suffer fools well.

Tell readers about your latest release.
A murdering sociopath disguises himself as the Casellis’ long lost friend, and shows up at a birthday celebration. With the appearance of this faux family friend, a thirty year mystery comes back from the dead—quite literally!

What’s next for you?
Book # 6 of the Caselli Family Series—A Place Too Far From Grace. Alyssa and her new husband will be trapped in Syria on 9/11. Also, I plan on finishing a Bible Study that I’m writing entitled Rebuilding the Temple.

Books in The Caselli Family Series are available at online outlets or author’s website: www.PretenderBook.com.

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  1. Great questions and answers! I always enjoy getting to know the authors of my favorite books! I read this book and loved it!

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