The Motherhood Diaries by ReShonda Tate Billingsley

After reading some of the heartfelt stories in The Motherhood Diaries by ReShonda Tate Billingsley, I wanted to highlight her and some of the contributors from the book today. If you haven’t already purchased your copy, this is one book that you will want to have for your personal collection.  It will also make a great gift. (i.e., Mother’s Day)

About The Motherhood Diaries:

As a mother, you love your kids. You’d do anything for them, but chances are, at some point in their childhood, you’ve probably wondered, “What in the world was I thinking?” Even if you’ll never admit it, if you’ve ever wished for Calgon to take you away, then The Motherhood Diaries is for you!

As the working mother of three children, ReShonda Tate Billingsley knows motherhood isn’t a perfect science. She openly shares stories with her thousands of followers on social media about her children: thirteen-year-old Mya, the diva whose Instagram post—and subsequent punishment— went viral; to ten-year-old Morgan, who has a serious case of middle-child syndrome and a knack for giving her teachers a few of her mother’s favorite things; and finally, Myles, a witty and precocious five-year-old who, as his grandmother says, “has been here before.” It was while chronicling her journey that she discovered she wasn’t the only mother who longed for the days when she could use the restroom in peace, who sometimes sat in the driveway because she didn’t want to go in the house, and who sometimes wondered, Is this what I signed up for? Hence, The Motherhood Diaries was born.

Through humorous and enlightening dialogue and narrative, ReShonda chronicles her own journey, as well as reveals candid imperfections of a mother trying to balance it all. With humorous and heartwarming stories from other mothers also trying to “get it right,”The Motherhood Diaries shares candid and honest conversations about the good, the bad and the downright disastrous path of mothering in the New Millennium.

ReShonda Tate Billingsley is the national bestselling author of over 21 titles. Her sophomore novel, Let the Church Say Amen, is being made into a movie of which she is Executive Producer and actress Regina King is the director. For additional information, please visit 

Why did you decide to write the Motherhood Diaries?
One day, while I was spring cleaning, I came across my old diary. I started reading and was cracking up at all the things I said I was going to do as a parent (Have five kids, never yell at them, give them freedom, etc). Then, I realized as a parent, I was still journaling, only this time I was sharing things about my family on social media. My agent actually suggested I compile all of those stories into a book. As I was doing that, I thought, I know I’m not the only mother with a story to share. So, I decided to put out a call for other mothers. I am so thrilled with the 21 mothers who were chosen to share their amazing stories.

If I were to ask your children about you, how would they describe you?
They would say mom is witty, fun, loving, a workaholic, and can have a potty mouth when she gets mad (I’m working on that!).

Describe the challenges (or joy) of motherhood in three words.
Blessed, Stressed and Grateful.

Find out what some of the contributors have to say below:

Meet Crystal Brown-Tatum
contributed Diary of a Breast Cancer Survivor

If I were to ask your child about you, how would she describe you?
She said I was independent, strongly opinionated, strict, loving and strong willed.

Describe the challenges (or joy) of motherhood in three words.
Worth every tear.

Meet C. Mikki
contributed Diary of the Adoptive Mom

If I were to ask your children about you, how would they describe you?
My kids would say that I’m teaching them to love God first. To respect differences in others but never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. They would talk about my emphasis on education and knowing that its not how you look it’s what’s in your brain.

Describe the challenges (or joy) of motherhood in three words.
Prayer, patience and humility.

Meet Makasha Dorsey
contributed Diary of an Aspie Mom

If I were to ask your children about you, how would they describe you?
Both of my boys would say that I work a lot and I spend quality time, not quantity time, with them. If we are together we are interacting with one another. They would also say that I pray about everything and that I taught them how to pray. And, that reading, getting along, and being good citizens are mandatory. After I walked away, they’d tell you that I’m cheap but that I call it frugal.

Describe the challenges (or joy) of motherhood in three words.
Educational, Life-changing and Love.

Meet Sadeqa Johnson
contributed Diary of the Overachieving Mom (Who Longs for a Drink)

If I were to ask your children about you, how would they describe you?
Our mom is silly. She gives us dance breaks in the kitchen and we turn up the music real loud. She pretends to be different characters, our favorite character is Yellow the lunch lady. She loves to meditate and on Tuesday nights she teaches a class. She’s always there for us no matter what and she reminds us to practice the three L’s, Love, Listen and Laughter. She is constantly correcting our English and reminding us to speak proper English and use our manners. She is a nice person and will help anyone, even strangers on the street.

Describe the challenges (or joy) of motherhood in three words.
Surrender, Mindfulness and Love.

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  1. I absolutely loved reading your post about all of the wonderful and talented moms in this book. I was touched by every story…each experience is heartfelt and filled with unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your views on the book. It is indeed another Reshonda Tate Billingsley book worth reading!

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