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Scandinavian reality star of the record breaking, Kristallen Award winning series “Svenska HollywoodFruar” (Swedish Hollywood Wives), Agnes-Nicole Winter is the President and Founder of GLOBAL STAR FILMS.  The Swedish born filmmaker wrote, produced and starred in the family comedy feature, THE GOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. Slated for release later this year, the film garnered the ‘Golden Halo Award’ from the Southern America Motion Picture Council, the ‘Award of Excellence’ for Best Comedy Feature from the Film Advisory Board and was nominated for the ‘Best Comedy Feature Film’ at The International Family Film Festival.

What do you look for when deciding on which film project to work on?

First and foremost, the film needs to have a real and powerful message that is built in to what should be an entertaining story. I grew up as a history buff so it’s always great when I find a project that incorporates real events to empower an audience. But, whether it’s a comedy or an action adventure with real history attached, I concentrate on how well the script is written – characters and all –, how it will look on screen, and which audiences we will be able to reach.

What’s your screenplay submission process?

There are so many eager writers in Hollywood who want their screenplays to make it to the big screen. We are constantly receiving scripts. Once we have a screenplay in our hands that we are reviewing, it goes through countless preparations and re-writes until it meets specific criteria.

Did you find it difficult breaking into what is normally a male-dominated industry?

I am all too aware of the challenges facing women in our industry. It’s hard enough to be taken seriously as a woman, but add in being blonde, fit, and single with a Swedish accent and the uphill battle to make people listen becomes only more difficult. Most men in the industry want to discuss business with other men, but luckily that mentality is rapidly changing. You need to embrace yourself and never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals. Being an active member in a variety of organizations – such as Women in Film, Film Independent, AFI, SAG/AFTRA – and having their support is extremely valuable.

What advice would you give up and coming producers?

Don’t sit back. Turn off your TV and get involved with all the great organizations and events in the industry. Networking is a great way to meet other professionals with similar interests, to learn from others, and to make connections. Also, the entertainment world is fast paced and rapidly changing, so make sure to stay updated with all the latest production methods and technology. Be proactive and don’t be afraid to talk to people.

How did your film production company Global Star Films come about?

I worked on other producer’s projects for some time and learned from some of the best. After shopping one of my scripts around for a short while I was realizing that many other independent writers/ producers were doing the same. The competition was fierce. I decided to take my fate in to my own hands and started Global Star Films. By surrounding myself with a respected and experienced staff and crew, we started producing our own projects.

Congratulations on the awards you’ve received for THE GOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. When will readers be able to see the movie?

Very soon in fact – second quarter 2013 – so keep an eye on our website or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the updated information.

Tell us about THE GOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and the character you portray?

The Gold & The Beautiful is a fabulous adventure/comedy film for the whole family. It’s about a spoiled Beverly Hills socialite, Kristy, who doesn’t want to grow up and lives the shallow and selfish party girl lifestyle – that’s my character. On her 35th birthday her Father surprises her with a gift to go on a treasure hunt in hopes that she will learn that there is more to life than designer shoes and handbags. In her excitement, she heads in to the California desert with a team of professionals to find her present. On the hunt, she is forced to overcome numerous challenges until she soon realizes that real happiness and true love is right in front of her. Overall, it’s a funny, true feel good, popcorn movie.

With all of the projects you have going on, how do you balance your work with your personal life?

As a single mom, I am used to balancing many things at the same time. By raising my two boys, Cristofer and Alexander, while juggling multiple jobs, I became fantastic at organizing and prioritizing tasks at hand. I even fit in time to pursue entertainment projects that I was interested in, such as my celebrity lifestyle show – The Agnes Winter Show­, which I was hosting and producing. But, the show took me away from spending time with my two boys and I eventually left. Family always comes first and today both Cristofer and Alexander are a great addition to our production company’s leadership and production team. I also understand the importance of taking time off for myself. I walk nearly 5 miles several times per week. I wake up early every single day just to be able to do this because I love nature and it’s completely worth it.

What can readers expect to see from you next?

My focus is to continue doing what I love, making movies! Our next film, Precious Metal, an action, adventure, treasure hunt thriller based on real history is in its last stages of development and will soon go in to production. I am also wrapping up a book I’m working on, and the release of “Dazzle” by Agnes-Nicole a jewelry and fashion line.

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