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The_Wild_LifeOne of the many questions I get whenever I am asked about my books is who would I cast as the main characters? I imagine most authors would find it cool to have a certain movie or TV star to act as their characters.

It’s easy for me to choose with my current series. My interracial suspense series focuses on Albany Detectives Brianna “Bree” Morris and Steven Kemp. They are best friends, partners, and they used to be lovers. Casting is more than easy to me because stars inspired the characters for me.

I’ll come clean and admit I’ve always had a crush (and still do) on Stephen Dorff, the guy from Blade. I can honestly say I named Steven after him. In fact I base some of Steven’s looks on Dorff though not to a T. For example Dorff is a bit shorter with brown eyes and my character is very tall around 6’3 with flashing blue eyes. My obsession with Dorff is what made me create Steven in the first place. Whether that’s pathetic or cute, it’s the truth. LOL!

I always saw Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan as the perfect Bree. Once again because I originally thought of them when creating Bree.

While some authors would prefer a movie made of their books I’ve always wanted a TV show made of my books. I think an interracial crime drama would be hot this day and age. With the success of shows like Scandal, I think viewers are ready for more dramas starring talented black women.

Thanks for joining me on my blog tour stop for today! Now it’s time for the good part. You want a free copy of The Wild Life? Giveaway time!!!!

The Wild Life is available in print and ebook.





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Giveaway question:

Pick a novel you recently read and really enjoyed. Who would you cast in the main characters and why?

Five people who provide the most interesting answer to this question will each win an ebook copy of The Wild Life.

Giveaway ends at 8 pm Central Time. Ebook copies will be emailed to participants by Stacy-Deanne. Commenters must leave email address with comment to be eligible.


  1. Thanks for having me today!

  2. Stacy, it was my pleasure. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more with these characters.

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