Groupies Inc by Kayenne Guest Feature

groupieinccoversmallUrban Erotica Tale from Kayenne

About Groupies Inc:

A tale of money, sex and men, Groupies Inc follows the hip hop love story of Mercedez and Calvin whose picture perfect lives slowly unravel in the face of jealousy and mistrust.  Mercedez is the president of Groupies incorporated, an online database filled with information for women on the prowl for a wealthy and successful “Mr. Right Now.”  Mercedez is not looking to be tied to any man, that is, until Calvin comes around.  In Mercedez’ ride or die attempt to protect her turf and the baller status of Calvin, her hip hop superstar boyfriend, her and her girls sink to unthinkable levels.  Just as life seems to return to normal and Calvin and Mercedez are happier than ever, a mysterious caller threatens to bring their world crashing down around them.  But secrets, money, revenge and betrayal may destroy them long before their mysterious enemy does.

Follow the hip hop tales of Mercedez, Calvin, Tasha and CoCo in Groupies Inc.  

Available in all ebook formats, such as Amazon.com and BN.com

About Kayenne: 

Louisiana writer Kayenne, pronounced just like the pepper Cayenne, likes to write stories with passion. Kayenne’s ever-growing legion of fans know her for always adding that spicy sizzle to urban lit that keeps them coming back.

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