The Fright Night Files

I know I’m a little late posting about  TV ONE’s The Fright Night Files but I finally got a chance to watch the shows and enjoyed them all. A little birdie told me that this may be something new to watch weekly, so let’s hope that it’s true.  Below is a little more about each one. The Fright Night Files is a series of original short films.

For the Love of Lockwood Clip HERE

Starring Eva MarcilleSean Blakemore and Lynn Whitfield

An overzealous bride-to-be, Marla (Marcille) drives her groom, Lockwood (Blakemore) to call off the wedding just days before the ceremony. An accidental overdose of a special love potion creates a catastrophic turn of events, causing Lockwood to take his ‘till death do us part’ vow to a terrifying new level.

Mirror Mirror Clip HERE

Starring Victoria RowellHarry LennixDavetta Sherwood and Karrueche Tran

A scorned ex-girlfriend, Jessica (Sherwood) begins to experiment with black magic to punish the man who broke her heart, Ronald (Lennix) and the new woman in his life Alexa (Rowell).

Pillow Talk Channel 187

Starring Elise Neal and Bokeem Woodbine

A seductive evening DJ, Coffee Black (Neal), has a voice that lures men into her twisted spell, where they can’t help but gravitate to her. However this DJ’s world gets turned upside down when past lovers begin to call her station to haunt her, while breaking down the walls of her sanity in the process.

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