My Beauty for your Ashes by Guest Blogger Traci Wooden-Carlisle


Guest Post My List of Guilty Pleasures by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

mybeautyforyourashes_bytraciwoodencarlisleI wanted to talk about my guilty pleasures to remind myself of the fun I have when I’m not at a job or working on a long assignment. I love writing and almost all that it entails, but some of the aspects of book selling are a far cry from what I would call a guilty pleasure.

I am of a mind that if I go to work and am productive for at least 8 hours a day and receive a monetary wage for my time, I should be able to buy whatever I want to eat. It sounds right, but it is not always the case and thus this guilty pleasure it born. I love Starbucks coffee, and not just a black coffee. It has to have all of the bells and whistles. A former co-worker called my coffee a froufrou drink in disguise. I shrugged and continued to sip my Venti Carmel Macchiato with 2 Equals with pure delight and I still do unless it is the Christmas Season and I get to have my Grande Eggnog Latte with 2 Equals.
Next would be my welcoming in the rare cold spells during the winter months in San Diego, CA with flannel pajamas. These aren’t just any flannel pajamas, they are the in-your-face, oversized frogs, flowers, or candies stamped across a pair of feet-in flannel pajamas. I feel ten years old again when I wear them and the only guilt I feel comes because I put them on right when I come home so if someone has to go back out to get something for dinner or run any other type of errand, it won’t be me.

With sheer excitement and pleasure I wait with baited breath for the next techy device to update or make my phone, television or computer more ‘efficient’. I love electronic toys and apps that will make my life and my husband’s life better. This is why my husband christened me the Technocrat of the family. I don’t know how guilty I feel about this, but sometimes it gets in the way of writing so that would be the qualifying factor.

My biggest guilty pleasure is reading. I use reading and listening to books as an escape. If I am looking at the beginning of a tedious process, in go the earbuds. If I finish a writing assignment, out comes the kindle. If I have a morning to myself or an evening, for that matter, you will find me behind a book. This is not always a guilty pleasure, but there are definitely times when I know I could be getting ahead when I sigh deeply and just wait for the feeling to pass as I turn the page.

I’m sure I could think of a few more if I try really hard, but why incriminate myself any further. Just do me a favor and send up a prayer that I will overcome the guilt.


Traci Wooden-Carlisle began writing poetry and short stories as soon as she was able to form words on paper. She used that as a way to creating worlds, as well as, to communicate with God. A native of Los Angeles, California, she grew up attending United Methodist Church under the leadership of a pastor whose heart was for youth. Once she finished college at Humboldt State University she found herself at a loss. She felt caught in the transition between childhood and adulthood. She received a great deal of her answers through a Tuesday night Bible Study. As she continued to attend classes, the Bible became real to her and the scriptures were more than just words on a page. They came to life and she was able to identify with the teachings. She was filled with the Holy Spirit one November evening in 1995 and soon found that when she wrote to God, the Holy Spirit would respond; at times in the form of poetry and other times in conversation. She was amazed, awestruck, and humbled to know that He had not only been listening, but also wished to have a more intimate relationship with her. As she continued to write she joined a smaller church closer to her home in the San Fernando Valley and became an intercessory prayer, volunteered at the juvenile hall in the area, participated in door-to-door evangelism and shared her first love of dance by creating a praise dance team. She surrounded herself with saints and volunteered her services as a graphic artist. Through the early-morning prayer, all night Friday prayer and 3-day shut-ins she started on her journey toward her most desired gift, an intimate relationship with God.

Today, Mrs. Wooden Carlisle lives in San Diego with her husband, David Carlisle. She serves as a church Office Manager, teaches fitness classes, continues to praise the Lord through dance, and is currently writing her third book in this Christian-fiction series.


  1. Traci, I admire you so much for yiur hard work and dedication. I’m so proud of you, and can’t wait to get my hands on the new book!

  2. You are such a precious woman of
    God. You are so full of God’s gifts and talents. I pray blessings over you and your writing ministry. May your books become best sellers.

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