Jazmine Sullivan New CD Reality Show

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Jazmine Sullivan released her new album Reality Show this week, via RCA Records.

From press release: With her emotional current single “Forever Don’t Last” climbing the charts and the premiere of her poignant new song “Mascara,” Reality Show sees Jazmine center stage as she tackles the realities of love, life and everything in between.  Jazmine serves as the album’s executive producer and takes pen to paper as the primary songwriter on all 12 tracks.   Reality Show reunites Jazmine with Grammy Award winning producer Salaam Remi as well Key Wane, Chuck Harmony, Da Internz, Ant Bell, JoeLogic & Dilemma and DJ Dahi.

In 2008, Jazmine Sullivan released her debut album Fearless, which featured the chart-topping hit singles “Need You Bad” and “Bust Your Windows,” and earned the Philly native an amazing seven Grammy nominations including Best New Artist.  Jazmine released her second album, the critically acclaimed Love Me Back in 2010, of which the Associated Press declared as “something amazing” and consequently garnered her an eighth Grammy nomination for “Holding You Down (Goin’ In Circles).” The recipient of Billboard’s Rising Star Award, Jazmine is gearing up to go on tour this winter in support of Reality Show.

Reality Show track listing:

01 Dumb featuring Meek Mill   Produced by Key Wane & SALAAMREMI.COM
02 Mascara                                        Produced by Key Wane & SALAAMREMI.COM
03 Brand New                                  Produced by DJ Dahi, Co-Produced by Ben Free
04 Silver Lining                                Produced by Key Wane
05 #HoodLove                                 Produced by Chuck Harmony
06 Let It Burn                                   Produced by Key Wane
07 Veins                                              Produced by SALAAMREMI.COM, Co-Produced by Ant Bell
08 Forever Don’t Last                   Produced by Chuck Harmony
09 Stupid Girl                                    Produced by JoeLogic & Dilemma
10 Stanley                                          Produced by Da Internz
11 Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)      Produced by Ant Bell and Jazmine Sullivan

12 If You Dare                                  Produced by JoeLogic & Dilemma

Available everywhere.

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