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Gemini_Breed_Tour_Banner1AnoshiQueen Anoshi is a native of Beaufort, S.C. who has the gift of storytelling. She started writing poetry as a young child which provided an outlet for conquering different adversities in her life. It wasn’t until her service in the Army and her first deployment to Bosnia that she began writing short stories as a way to pass time. She felt her writings allowed her imagination to run creating stories of romance, intrigue and suspense.

From that point her love for fictional romance began to expound. She takes her personal experiences with love, heartbreak and finding that special person and uses them as a key element in her creative writings. She believes that nothing can be written without having parts of the writer in it.
Queen Anoshi writes romance novels, both erotic and paranormal. She also writes poems and short stories that relate to the drama of finding and conquering that awesome love. She is ready to share another facet of her imagination with readers in her third novel, Gemini’s Breed.
Gemini_Breed_Book_CoverAbout The Book
It was love from the beginning, which has set the course that we are on now. The question now arises: How can one without a heart or soul love enough to put their immortality on the line, for people who would have them dead if the chance was given?
Is it true love covers a multitude of sins? Love can come when you least expect it and it can be a life saver.
Queen Lirit, General Anthony and Protector Serge are Haitian Vampires that have taken an oath to protect humanity from the hands of the “Oralucians.” Along with a rogue Haitian Psychic Netasha Fabien they will fight for us. Will they succeed?
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  1. Thank you humbly for hosting my book Gemini Breed. It is a book that will leave your warm and smiling.

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