Novel – 99 Cents Kindle Sale – The Bad Twin by Shelia Goss

thebadtwin200x300Another one of my full length novels is now available as an eBook, THE BAD TWIN.


Available Now

(eBook Sale – normally $2.99 but on sale for 99 cents on Amazon Only)

THE BAD TWIN is approximately 73,000 words long and is specially formatted for Kindle and Nook.

The Bad Twin is sibling rivalry at its best. Rose’s ultimate goal is to remain in the spotlight; preferable on the movie screen. To her fans, Rose is sincere, glamorous, and charitable; but to Violet, her twin, she’s a conniving, manipulative person that starves for constant attention.

When Violet gives a shocking interview about the life of Hollywood actress Rose to a popular magazine, all hell breaks loose. Can these sisters ever be friends, or will they always stand divided?

What readers are saying: “…The heartache of betrayal is highly evident and sometimes a touch shocking. Yet through the entire story, Shelia kept it real and exciting…”~ Mashawn Mickels “CO-Owner & President of SBS Book Club”

“…Read what happens in this exciting tale of sibling rivalry and love. This is a fast paced read that will have you on the edge of your seat…” ~ Tracey, R.E.A.L Reviewers

eBook is available for Kindle, Nook, and your PC.

FOR NOOK USERS, coming soon.
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