New Book Alert – Secrets Uncovered by Shelia M Goss

SecretsUncovered300Dear Reader,

Thanks to you, In June, I will be celebrating the release of my 21st novel.

COMING JUNE 16, 2015

A hot one-night stand could lead to a once-in-a-lifetime chance at love.

Women in Hollywood, Book 3

As the producer of one of TV’s highest-rated shows, Kem Phillips has a knack for creating the perfect leading man. But love in real life? No thanks. She has no interest in repeating her mother’s mistakes.

Thank goodness the star of her newest project is discreet. No one knows about the one-night stand they indulged in at her best friend’s wedding. He’s also a gentleman who always seems to be there when she’s in a jam.

Brent McKenzie has had his share of memorable moments, but that night with Kem is as fresh and hot in his mind as if it was yesterday. He’d love to be the man who comes to her rescue in all possible ways—if she’d let him.

When an emergency call sends Kem racing home to Louisiana, she goes against her better judgment and accepts Brent’s offer to go with her. Yet as everything she thought was true about her past crumbles, is his emotional support something solid to lean on…or a crutch she dare not trust?

Product Warnings
Contains not-safe-for-prime-time sex scenes, an actor who is a real-life hero, and a woman who needs a little convincing that dreams can come true.
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  1. I just read the Joneses. You did an excellent job and I can’t wait to read the sequel. Keep up the good work!!#

  2. I just read The Joneses. You did an excellent job! Can’t wait to read the sequel!!!

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