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The 4th is over but you can still watch the fireworks…not in the sky, but in between the pages. 12 romance authors have come together to bring you 12 sensual stories in one boxed set titled HOT Undercover Bosses and it’s only 99 cents. Download your copy today!
Join me, Shelia Goss, and the other authors (Ac Arthur, Aja TheWriter Graves, Keith Thomas Walker, Sheryl Lister, Monique Lamont, Deatri King-Bey, Barbara Keaton, Wayne Adrian Jordan, Denise Jeffries, Cheris Hodges, Kianna Alexander) as we prepare to put the sizzle in your summer by ordering your copy now:

My story is “If These Shoes Could Talk” –  When a woman from the Big Easy meets a man bringing that Texas heat…it results in one spicy union.  hub_allcovers

Keith Thomas Walker ~ Hotline Fling ~ When Sonya decides to date a co-worker at her call center, there’s a lot more than love on the line.

Sheryl Lister ~ He’s conducting his own experiment…one passionate kiss at a time.

Monique Lamont ~ Boss of You ~ When love appears to be a twisted joke of fate, it is time to stay and fight or run like hell.

Deatri King-Bey ~ Someone to Hold ~ Heating things up from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Barbara Keaton ~ Clean Up Love ~ Both are vying to win, neither anticipated falling in love nor the chain of events that threaten their chance at a happily ever after.

Wayne Jordan ~ Uncover Me ~ Trey planned on hiring her to care for his sons, but he could only think of kissing her…over and over.

Denise Jeffries ~ Bon Appe’tit ~ How many eggs will a chef have to crack to find the recipe for love?

Cheris Hodges ~ Hard for the Money ~ Somebody has to come out on top.

AC Arthur ~ Come Ride With Me – When hands-on training consists of his hands on her body.

Kianna Alexander ~Working Overtime- He’s the only one with the skills to save her farm…and change her life.

Aja ~Breaking Her Rules~Some rules are made to be broken.


Hot Undercover Bosses can also be purchased from one of these online retailers:

Barnes & Noble:…/1123732671…



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