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Dear Readers,

I need your vote. Please nominate my book RULES OF LOVE for an Emma Award in the (#12) Best Interracial Romance category. Click on the following link to vote:

Thanks in advance!


Some readers, after reading Secret Relations, wanted to know more about Jason. When I decided to do the Men in Hollywood, it was just befitting that Jason’s story jump start the series. Rules of Love is for you the fans. It’s hotter than anything I’ve ever written.

This book is hot. Smoldering glances, smokin’ love scenes, flaring tempers, burning rubber outta town, and steamy makeup sex on a tropical island could cause flushed skin and rapid breathing. Don’t call 9-1-1.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…unless it goes viral.

RULES OF LOVE by Shelia M. Goss 

Jason Lewis lives by one cardinal rule: never mix alcohol with business negotiations. But when he sets out to woo award-winning screenwriter Amber Simone to renew her contract with the management firm he represents, a glass or three is the only way to take the edge off their instant sexual tension.

Outgoing, flamboyant Jason is so not Amber’s type, but she can’t deny she enjoys his company, especially after the wine brings her out of her shell. Things get a little fuzzy after that, but she never expected to wake up beside him the next morning hungover, naked—and married.

A quick, quiet annulment is the next order of business. Until Tinseltown catches wind of their nuptials, putting them both in Amber’s least favorite place: the spotlight. They agree to wait for the glare to fade before seeking a divorce. But one thing that hasn’t faded are those darned sparks, and they’re starting to look a lot like love…

5 Star Amazon Review: I am a BIG Shelia Goss fan! I’ve been reading her work since The Invisible Husband. It’s been months since she’s released something new so I was waiting. This book is quite different from her usual stuff. She’s mainly been black romance and women’s fiction but this book is BWWM. I loved this story. It has Miss Goss’ usual flair and charm. Her characters are always engaging and books full of passion. The characters have super chemistry, and I can’t wait to read more of this series.

Please don’t make us wait much longer for the next one, Miss Goss! Your fans have missed you! ~ Nina, a reader

Rules of Love is now available for download. Click here to download.

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