Reading Guide My Invisible Husband

 REMEMBER THE GAME CHARADES? Well, Nikki Montana has taken the game a step further.

My Invisible Husband Reading Group Guide

1. Nicolette Montana was thirty-four and felt pressured to get married. Do you think a lot of women and men feel that way? Why?  
2. Nikki went to the extreme by faking a Las Vegas wedding. Do you understand why Nikki decided to deceive her friends and family?  
3. After Nikki told Byron her dilemma, he could have responded differently, but decided to go along with her charades. Why do you think Byron agreed to go along with Nikki’s scheme?  
4. Adrienne seemed to annoy Nikki on several occasions. Why was Adrienne so suspicious from the very beginning?  
5. Do you believe her coworker Kenneth was really looking out for Nikki?  
6. Although they were co-workers, do you think Tara had the right to ask Nikki to babysit for her? Would you have kept Tara ’s son if you were Nikki?  7. Should Byron have told Nikki about the Christopher situation as soon as he found out?  
8. Why do you think Byron came clean with Napoleon about his and Nikki’s situation?  
9. After tragedy struck, Byron and Nikki did something unthinkable. Would you have kept the baby?  
10. Nikki took her situation to the extreme. Do you think something like this can happen in real life?


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