Reading Guide Paige’s Web

One woman…
Three men…
And people say men have issues committing

Paige’s Web 

Reading Group Guide

1. Do you think Paige had commitment issues?
2. How did you feel about Marvin? Alvin? Tyler?
3. Why do you think Paige pretended to be one way in front of her sister Macy, even when her own life was unraveling?
4. Do you think Marie had the right attitude when it came to dealing with their sister Macy, or should she have been more lenient, like Paige?
5. Do you think Dana was a good best friend?
6. Should she have led Marvin on?
7. Was Tyler too smooth or was he really sincere in his feelings for her?
8. Do you think she got re-engaged to Tyler because it was convenient and she was afraid of being alone or did she really love Tyler?
9. Why were her feelings for Alvin stronger than for the other two men?
10. Do you think Paige is the reason why Marvin acted the way he did?



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