Reading Guide Roses are thorns

 What Happens when twin sisters are on opposite ends of the spectrum?

Roses are Thorns, Violets are True

Reading Group Guide

  1. Rose and Violet’s parents pacified Rose as a child. While growing up, Violet is told by her mom to overlook Rose’s actions.  Do you think their parents are the root cause of Rose and Violet’s issues they now face as adults?
  2. Violet has pent up frustration from how Rose has treated her over the years. She gives an uncensored interview with a national publication. Rose feels she should have kept their personal business private.  Is there a better way Violet could have handled this or do you agree with how she shattered Rose’s image with the public?
  3. David loves Violet, but later ends up with Rose. Do you think Violet should have given him a second chance? Why do you think David slept with Rose in the first place?
  4. Rose admits to not having many friends. The only friend she can claim is her agent Carmen. Do you think her selfishness or competitiveness ruin any chance of her having friends? Do you think her not being able to get along with Violet is another reason why she hasn’t been able to cultivate friendship with others?
  5. Violet struggles with forgiving Rose and David. On a visit to their mother’s house, Violet’s mom speaks with her about forgiveness.  What was the turning point in Violet’s life that allowed her to forgive not only Rose, but also David? How hard is it to forgive others?
  6. Rose goes through a transformation when she gets to Louisiana . Can people change after years of being “one way?”
  7. The sisters lost years where they were either “barely getting along” or not talking at all. What does this say about “holding grudges?”



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