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Delilah’s back and she has a half-sister. Is Bathsheba another Delilah? Find out in RUTHLESS!



The Bible story of King David and Bathsheba gets a gritty 21st-century update in Shelia M. Goss’ Ruthless. Sheba and Uriah Richards have been happily married for 10 years. Uriah’s boss is David King, a media magnate whose wealth and power are second only to his love of God. At his first sight of Sheba, David is smitten—and while he prays for strength to resist temptation, Sheba finds herself falling for David. To complicate things further, Sheba’s long-lost half-sister, Delilah, shows up—and soon she connives to get her sis Sheba into David’s bed. After David sends Uriah to an assignment in Afghanistan, he makes his move…and Sheba succumbs to his charms. Then she finds she’s pregnant. Now, only God’s mercy can set Sheba’s life right.

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What readers are saying about Ruthless:

Ruthless is the kind of story that takes you on a journey and though you might think you  know what is going to happen, believe me you do not, but you will want to take the journey. ~ Angelia Vernon Menchan

Lots of unexpected things happen throughout this book. By far, this is my favorite book penned by Ms. Goss. My emotions were on a rollercoaster ride, up and down. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. Ruthless is a dramatization of how far a person is willing to go to attain the very things that are not his to begin with. I recommend this book to readers of romance, faith-based stories, and avid Shelia Goss fans. You will not be disappointed! ~ Jennifer Coissiere, Words Mosaic Reviews

Ruthless is full of sinning, sainthood, tons of praying and God’s grace…Ruthless by Shelia M. Goss does not disappoint in the drama department. It is an example of what we’ve come to expect from this bestselling author. Once again, she has showed us her tremendous ability to weave a story line that always has a message. You have got to read this book! ~ Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!

Behind every successful man is a good woman. The downfall of a good man is a woman up to no good.

Thirty-year-old Samson Judges is a prominent pastor of the Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana. His church owns land that real estate mogul William Trusts wants. When Samson refuses to sell, William hires Delilah Baker to find out Samson’s Achilles heel.

Money isn’t Delilah’s only motivation for taking the assignment. After watching Samson every Sunday morning on a local television station, Delilah has fallen in love with him. In her mind, there is only one person standing in her way of getting Samson—his fiancée, Julia Rivers.

Samson is far from innocent. He feels his longstanding relationship with God puts him above reproach. His weakness for one woman, Delilah, threatens to ruin his relationship with Julia, his parents, and his church. When he realizes the length Delilah will go through to get her man, Samson vows to protect his ministry by any means necessary.



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