Delilah’s back and she has a half-sister. Is Bathsheba another Delilah? Find out in RUTHLESS!



The Bible story of King David and Bathsheba gets a gritty 21st-century update in Shelia M. Goss’ Ruthless. Sheba and Uriah Richards have been happily married for 10 years. Uriah’s boss is David King, a media magnate whose wealth and power are second only to his love of God. At his first sight of Sheba, David is smitten—and while he prays for strength to resist temptation, Sheba finds herself falling for David. To complicate things further, Sheba’s long-lost half-sister, Delilah, shows up—and soon she connives to get her sis Sheba into David’s bed. After David sends Uriah to an assignment in Afghanistan, he makes his move…and Sheba succumbs to his charms. Then she finds she’s pregnant. Now, only God’s mercy can set Sheba’s life right.

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What readers are saying about Ruthless:

Ruthless is the kind of story that takes you on a journey and though you might think you  know what is going to happen, believe me you do not, but you will want to take the journey. ~ Angelia Vernon Menchan

Lots of unexpected things happen throughout this book. By far, this is my favorite book penned by Ms. Goss. My emotions were on a rollercoaster ride, up and down. I enjoyed the plot and the characters. Ruthless is a dramatization of how far a person is willing to go to attain the very things that are not his to begin with. I recommend this book to readers of romance, faith-based stories, and avid Shelia Goss fans. You will not be disappointed! ~ Jennifer Coissiere, Words Mosaic Reviews

Ruthless is full of sinning, sainthood, tons of praying and God’s grace…Ruthless by Shelia M. Goss does not disappoint in the drama department. It is an example of what we’ve come to expect from this bestselling author. Once again, she has showed us her tremendous ability to weave a story line that always has a message. You have got to read this book! ~ Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant– Literary Wonders!

Ruthless Excerpt

David King used the borrowed hotel key and rushed into his employee’s corporate suite to retrieve his forgotten cell phone. His bladder needed relief so he decided to make a pit stop to the bathroom before returning downstairs to the DM King Media annual corporate party.

The sound of the shower caused him to pause. The bathroom door was ajar and he could see the silhouette of a woman’s body as she showered. David knew he should have turned around and made a quick exit when he heard the shower, but his feet were planted in one spot. His mind wouldn’t will him to move.

He watched as the water slid down her flawless chestnut brown skin. David was not a peeping Tom but her hourglass figure held him captive. He observed from the distance as she exited the shower and dried off with the white fluffy towel. David had been all over the world, but never had he seen a woman as beautiful as the one who he now laid eyes upon.

Her radiant jet black hair cascaded down her back and accented her perfectly oval face. She seemed unaware that she had an audience as she sprayed on perfume. The sound of the hotel phone ringing broke David’s trance. He slid out of the hotel suite without the mystery woman ever knowing she had company.


Sheba rushed out of the bathroom to answer the phone. The sound of her husband’s voice was on the other end. “Uriah, I told you I’m coming.”

“Hurry up. I want you to meet my boss before he leaves.”

“Give me ten more minutes. I’m getting dressed now.” Sheba sat on the edge of the bed and finished drying off. She had worked up a sweat from shopping so she wanted to take a shower before changing into the new dress.

“I don’t know why you had to get a new outfit. Now you’re late. There was nothing wrong with the dress you had.”

Sheba loved Uriah but they had two different views when it came to money and spending it. She loved the finer things in life and he was a tightwad. She had hoped with him getting the new job, he would stop tripping with her about the amount of money she spent.
“You want me to make a good impression with your new boss, don’t you?” Sheba asked. She removed the sheer hosiery out of its package and placed them on as they talked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Then trust me. When you see me in the new dress, you’ll be glad I bought it.”

They ended their call. Twenty minutes later, Sheba, dressed in a floor length silver gown with a slit, cascaded into the hotel ballroom as if she was the Queen of the ball. Men and women stared at her as she stopped to scan the room in search of her husband. She was aware of her natural beauty so she automatically ignored their glances.

She noticed a hand waving in the air. It was Uriah. She walked in his direction. The slit moved to the rhythm of her pace and showed her well-toned legs as she walked. The man standing with Uriah turned around to face her. His eyes seemed to pierce straight through her. She recognized him immediately. He was the well-known David King. The CEO of DM King Media and Uriah’s new boss.