Montana’s Way



Montana Blake and her sisters, Savannah and Asia, teamed up with security professional Troy Bridges to bring their father’s killer to justice. Along the way, Savannah and Troy fell in love, and Montana is overjoyed that the two are headed toward marriage. Suddenly, Savannah and Troy vanish…and a surveillance camera reveals they were abducted from their home. Troy’s partner, six-foot-two Sean Patterson, joins the sisters in a rescue operation. Sean has met Montana before, and he’s never been able to forget her. He’s not the settling-down kind, but Montana may get him to change his ways. That all depends on whether they get out of this alive—because the kidnapping is only the first move in a vicious plot that endangers all of Dallas.

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Sean Patterson stood speechless as the object of his dreams now stood right there before him. He happened to be in Mike’s office when he received the call from Asia about Troy and Savannah’s disappearance. It only took them seconds to reach Mike’s car and they drove as fast as the Dallas morning traffic would allow them to Troy’s place.

Montana’s tall stature was still no match for his six-foot-two-inch frame. The vulnerability he saw when she was rescued three years ago from her psycho ex-boyfriend was the same look she now possessed.  Montana was unaware of Sean’s instant attraction to her.  Sean wasn’t even too sure that Montana even knew his name but yet, he knew everything about her. The gleam in Montana’s eyes disappeared as he stared back.

Mike broke the silence between Sean and Montana. “Montana, not sure if you remember Sean, but he’s one of the partners. He works with Troy and I. He’s going to assist me.”

“You can rest assured that we’re going to do whatever needs to be done to find out your sister and Troy’s whereabouts,” Sean stated in his deep baritone voice.

Montana, barely above a whisper, said, “Thank you. Thank you, both. The police are upstairs with Asia now.”

“I’ll check things out down here,” Sean said as Mike went upstairs.

Having helped Troy set up security for his house, Sean knew the house like he knew his own. He used his own personal key to open up the secret door that led to the basement. He typed in the security code and the lights turned on. The basement held state-of-the-art electronic equipment that included surveillance monitors and an arsenal of weapons.

Sean sat behind one of the monitors and rewound the digital tape twenty-four hours. He smiled as he saw Troy and Savannah enter the house. They appeared to be so much in love. He fast-forwarded the tape until nightfall. That’s when he noticed some shadow figures approaching the lawn. They were all dressed in black jumpsuits with black masks. No sounds could be heard. One was using hand signals to the others as they broke through the security gate and surrounded the house. That’s when everything went completely dark.

There were no cameras in Troy and Savannah’s bedroom, but there was no need because Sean got a clear view of the assailants as they assembled in the hallway. He zoomed in on the duck tattoo on one of the assailants’ hands. It was the same tattoo some of the other assailants had on their hands. A total of five assailants were seen on the screen. Troy was clearly outnumbered.

Troy tried to save himself and Savannah by fighting them off but to no avail. He was clearly outnumbered.  It angered Sean to watch  a bloodied Troy and a reluctant Savannah dragged out by several of the assailants. Savannah seemed to be unharmed. Troy looked in the direction where he knew there was a camera and mouthed the word “Driskoll.”

Sean stopped the tape and rewound it to make sure he read Troy’s lips correctly. Time was ticking. If Driskoll was their kidnapper, time was not on their side. Sean downloaded the information on one of the flash drives near the computer and left the hidden room, undetected.

Montana paced back and forth in the kitchen. “Where were you? We were looking for you. Well, I was looking for you,” she said.

“I was checking the surveillance room Troy has set up in the basement to see if I could see any signs of what happened. I think I’ve found something.”

“Sir, and who are you?” A tall police officer entered the room.

Sean extended his hand. “I’m Sean Patterson. Troy Bridges is my business partner. We would really like the police’s cooperation as we try to figure out Troy’s location.”

“Patterson that is. Well, leave the investigating to the pros.”

“No disrespect, Officer.”

“That’s Detective. Detective Jenkins.”

“Detective Jenkins, I think it’s in both of our best interests to work together.”

Jenkins’s forehead drew up. “We got this.”

Montana interrupted. “Look. I don’t care who does what. All I want is my sister back with me safe and sound.”

Sean ran into people like Jenkins all the time. Jenkins thought he was the next Columbo but, in actuality, Troy and Savannah were dead if they relied on Jenkins alone. Sean knew he had to play the game so he backed off. “We’re here to help in any way.” Sean retrieved a business card from his pocket and handed it to Jenkins.

Jenkins turned to Montana. “If you can think of anything else, let me know. I think we took enough pictures and gathered up enough evidence for now.”

Montana’s hands flew up in the air. “Is that it? Man, I could have done a better job than that.”

“Ms. Blake, we still don’t know if they were abducted. Unless you get a phone call or something, we’re just not sure. Me and my partner will ask some of the neighbors to see if they saw anything suspicious.”

“Yes, you do that.”

Sean would do anything to erase the frustration from Montana’s face. She followed the officer out of the kitchen. Sean glanced at the flash drive in the palm of his hand. He debated whether to tell Montana what he’d discovered.

“Losing your concentration already,” Mike said from behind him.

Sean turned around and saw that Mike wasn’t by himself. Asia, who now wore her hair in a cropped hair style, reminding him of a younger version of Halle Berry, walked right behind Mike.

“You remember Asia?” Mike asked.

“I sure do. The woman who got a bull’s eye on the moving target ten times in a row.”

Asia pointed her finger and blew the tip. “And don’t you ever forget it either.”

They all laughed, although it was tense.

“I’m glad you all can find something funny because if we have to rely on Barney Fife and his sidekick, we’re in some deep trouble,” Asia said.

Sean made his decision then. “Follow me.”

They all followed Sean to Troy’s office. Sean turned the computer on and typed in his login and password. He inserted the flash drive. “Okay, ladies, what you see here might not be pretty but you need to see this so you’ll know how serious this is.”

Sean moved and let Montana sit in the leather chair behind the computer. He watched the shocked expressions on their faces as they heard the scuffle going on in the bedroom. He saw the relieved look when they saw Savannah walking out unharmed.

Mike was the first to speak. “You two have a decision to make. We can turn over this information to the police and let them handle it—”

Sean interrupted, “Or you can trust us.” He looked at Mike and then at Montana and Asia. “And let us handle this. I promise you, I will risk my life to save my brother Troy’s and Savannah’s lives.”

Montana looked at Asia and then back at Sean. “Let us discuss and we’ll let you know.”

“Montana, you saw the detective. My toy poodle would be more capable of finding Troy than him.”

“Man, you have a toy poodle?” Mike asked.

Sean ignored him. “Trust me. Trust Mike.”

“Give us ten minutes,” Montana said.


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