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His Invisible Wife – September 29, 2009
Revenge…Lust…Holy Matrimony…

How far would you for a million dollars?

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My Invisible Husband- December 2006
mihcover2007.jpg Essence Magazine and Black Expressions BestsellerRemember the game charades? Nikki Montana has taken the game a step further.
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Double Platinum – 2008
1599830574.gif Don’t call it a comeback. R & B Singer Parris Mitchell is looking for a hit. Will Casper be the one to get it for her?
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Roses are thorns Violets are true- February 2007
rosesarethornscover2007.jpg What happens when twin sisters are on opposite ends of the spectrum? Hollywood will never be the same.
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“With Hollywood Deception Shelia Goss has done it again. Love, lies and delicious drama! Pick this book up and you won’t be able to put it down. Be ready though – this fun novel is not a passive read. You’ll be yelling at Hailey, relating to her, wanting to slap her and cry with her all at the same time. Hollywood Deception is an all around good read full of scandal, just the way we like it. Well done, Ms. Goss!” ~Abiola Abrams is an Author, Media Personality, Host of Kiss and Tell Live erotica in NYC, and Kiss & Tell TV. Viewers also know Abiola as the host of BET’s short film show and Miss Picky of VH1’s Tough Love. www.abiolatv.com

“Glitz, Glamour & LOADS of Drama…Ms. Goss once AGAIN keeps me turning the pages with another ENTERTAINING, yet fictional glimpse into the fast-paced lifestyle of a celebrity.” ~ Sweet N Sassy, Book Reviewer

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One woman…
Three men…
And people say men have issues committing


October 2007

ISBN: 1599830299

Paige’s Web tackles the subject of commitment phobia from a woman’s perspective by taking readers on a journey with character Paige Christine Webb. As a professional event planner, Paige decides to use her organizational skills in her personal life. Although meeting men has never been an issue for Paige, it’s the ‘ever after’ that has her scared of commitment. Paige devises a fool proof plan to juggle three men which ultimately catches up with her.
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