My Invisible Husband


This book is currently not orderable from Kensington.

The online retailers are not selling the book directly however, they do list independent sellers that may have used or fairly new copies.

My Invisible Husband was an Essence Magazine & Black Expressions Bestseller

So when are you getting married? Is a question often posed to 34 year-old Nicolette Montana (Nikki). She wanders aimlessly from one dead-end relationship to another and now finds the dating game one big bore. To stop all the nagging by family and friends, she fakes a Las Vegas wedding. On her return trip to Dallas, ironically, she meets the dashing and successful, Byron Matthews. Nikki becomes entangled in a web of deception when her family insists on meeting her mysterious husband at a family gathering. Byron comes to the rescue, not only to save a damsel in distress, but to have fun with her little charade. What begins as a not-so-innocent prank, brings much more than Nikki and Byron ever expected.


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