Romance fiction authors Gwyneth Bolton, Shelia Goss, Michelle Monkou, and Celeste O. Norfleet welcome you to the 2009 Anniversary & Holiday chat for Live, Love, Laugh and Books.

We encourage everyone to sit back, relax and let’s talk romance. Oh and because we’re all in a jolly mood, we’ll be giving away books. All you have to do is comment and you’re eligible to win.

Below are some of the founding authors Christmas favorites:

sizzlingseduction Gwyneth Bolton is the author of the popular Hightower series.  Her books are best described as “Sexy romance with urban flair…”

Gwyneth Bolton’s Favorites:

Favorite Christmas song: This Christmas
Favorite Christmas dessert:
Chocolate Cake
Favorite Christmas movie:
Love Actually

All I want for Christmas is: Family, Friends and Love…

hisinvisiblewifecover Shelia M. Goss is the author of the Invisible (Husband/Wife) series and young adult books. Her books are best described as “Romance stories with a twist…”

Shelia Goss’ Favorites:

Favorite Christmas song: Silent Night (Temptations version)
Favorite Christmas dessert:
Lemon Pound Cake
Favorite Christmas movie:
Imitation of Life

All I want for Christmas is: Peace, Joy & another book deal

Michelle Monkou is the author of the Ladies of Distinction series and RWA president. Her books are best described as “Fun, sexy, memorable…”

Michelle Monkou’s Favorites:

Favorite Christmas song: Winter Wonderland
Favorite Christmas dessert:
Anything that goes with Butter Pecan icecream and whip cream
Favorite Christmas movie:
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

All I want for Christmas is: to enjoy a happy, Blessed time with my family and friends.

love_me_nowCeleste O Norfleet is the author of the Mamma Lou Matchmaker series and young adult books. Her books are best described as “Sultry…passionate romance that jumps off the pages…”

Celeste O Norfleet’s Favorites:

Favorite Christmas song: Mary Did You Know
Favorite Christmas dessert:
Gingerbread house, we’ve built one from scratch every year since the kids were born.
Favorite Christmas movie:
This Christmas

All I want for Christmas is: Peace, health and happiness

Here are a few questions to jumpstart the conversation:

  • What books are you reading?
  • What have been some of your favorite 2009 reads?
  • What is your favorite Christmas song/dessert/movie?

Let’s have fun today.


  1. Lashonda, Silent Night is probably my all time favorite song by The Temptations. Hope you get your Christmas wish :)

  2. It’s a blues Christmas song by Clarence carter about a guy a santa who visits while the boys are out to play. He says, “I ain’t like ol’ Saint Nick. He don’t come but once a year.”

  3. What books are you reading?–I’m coming late to AA romance, so i feel like I’m playing catch up. I’m reading Beverly Jenkins’ Indigo right now and I just got the 1st and 3rd Hightower books in the mail. They are the treat I’m saving for after grades are in.

  4. Lashonda, we want the same thing for Christmas! LOL

  5. Wooo… You have the cops. I like the Hightower cops better for some reason. And the third one… The Law of Desire is my favorite. I know I’m not supposed to have favorites. It’s not me being vain. I just really liked Lawrence.

  6. I need to get lunch. But I don’t want anything in the house and I don’t feel like going outside. Lazy = Hungry. LOL.

  7. I tried to find the song on youtube so I could provide the link but couldn’t. If anyone else does, please share with us.

  8. I’m pretty much done. I’m only shopping for the little ones, my niece and nephew. I got them a bunch of clothes and of course books. Now, I’m thinking I maybe should get at least one toy…

  9. I like the entire Hightower series. What I loved about Sizzling Seduction is the backstory on the mama and aunt. The aunt is a piece of work.

  10. Everybody gets a book–and depending on whether they were naughty or nice, maybe something else to go with it :)

  11. I love the whole Hightower series, it is one of my favorites! Right now I am reading The Perfect Seduction by Carmen Green. I am really enjoying this one.

  12. I definitely know how you feel on that, I want something good for lunch but I don’t know what it is.

  13. Thanks Sheila!
    Gwyneth – I am truly a Jersey girl at heart and LOVE Jersey! I hope we both get it.

  14. The Hightowers are HOT!!!!!

  15. I am so not done. I am really bad with this. I have started, but I am not done.

  16. Ladies, I have to step out but will be back and respond when I get back.

  17. My Christmas wish is that more people discover AA romances. We’ve got some really good authors, memorable stories, etc. All these publishers are looking at their bottom line and hopefully AA romances are doing well.
    Give someone a book, as a gift. Even if it’s a book that you already read. Share the love.

  18. Hey Ladies! Man it’s been a ruff week for me! Just wanted to sat Happy Anniversary LLL&B!!! I just finish Love Me Now lovvvvvved it! Can’t wait for more!

  19. Sorry to hear about the rough week. See, that’s why you have to lose yourself in these sexy books. Makes all the drama in our lives disappear.
    Right now I’m reading Cindy Dees’ Medusa’s Master

  20. I’ve only read the second so far, but I adore it. I can’t wait to read 1 and 3 so I can finally read Sizzling Seduction.

  21. I know what you mean! My daughters(My Diva’s) have me goin with school musicals and cheerleading practice man I’m tired lol!! My books always take me to another place,they get so good I hate to them end lol!

  22. I hope things get better, MiMi! Thanks for stopping by.

  23. That’s a wonderful wish, Michelle!

  24. I had to stop by and chat with lll&b family!! Will there be any more Hightower book? You know I love series books!!! Those Men had me going!! I told my husband(Pookie) about them lol…next thing I know he’s hittin the gym lol!!!!

  25. Now that’s funny.

  26. That’s great! Maybe I’ll try that on my husband.

  27. What a wonderful wish Michelle!

  28. Hi Ms.MiMi

    Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.
    I’m so glad you loved reading Love me Now. ANd oh yes, there is much more coming. 😉

  29. Hey he’s lookin hot!!!!! I told him to keep up the good work!!!

  30. Awe the perfect gift is a book wrapped in a bow or even without.

  31. Hi MiMi, thanks for stopping by. I pray that you have a better week.

  32. OH YES I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!! Momma Lou is a mess.

  33. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the Diva’s,no cheerleading practice til Tuesday and the next Cheer Competition is in January! Yup things are looking up lol,now all I need is a nice drink and my book!!!!!!

  34. Ms MiMi drink a cold one for me too.

  35. Mamma Lou is getting married, but she’s not walking down that ailse until she hooks up a few more matches. She’s got big plans. I can tell you now that the Hamilton men are is serious trouble.

  36. LOL. You are really getting some extra benefits out of reading romance novels, huh? 😉

  37. Ooh, I can’t wait. How many more books do you have planned for the series?

  38. Thanks to all that participated in Thursday’s chat.
    If your name is mentioned below, please email your full name and address to

    Winners of books:
    Consuela – Gwyneth Bolton book
    Ms Mimi – Shelia Goss book
    LaShonda Silver- Michelle Monkou book
    Tiffany – Celeste O Norfleet book

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