Woman Fakes Las Vegas Wedding

When Reality Brings More Drama Than Fiction

How far would you go to please your family and friends? The email I received read: “My best friend did the fake wedding thing in Vegas! The guy decided he didn’t want to after she’d told her entire family, friends and co-workers.” Imagine my surprise that the fiction world that I created for Nicolette Montana in the novel My Invisible Husband was someone’s actual reality.

June 2006 — When does fiction become reality? I’ve received emails from women who admit to being tired of people always in their business.

After I received the email about the best friend faking a Las Vegas wedding, I was intrigued. I wanted to get into the mind of the woman who went through with it. The fictional character Nikki did it because she was insecure and did it for the sake of appearances. As the novel suggests, lying is not the answer and this true-life story will vouch for that.

The woman who faked the wedding unfortunately is dealing with a lot emotionally from the real life charades. The best friend agreed to talk to me about it in more details. She’s not afraid to use her real name, however she respects her friends privacy, so for the interview I agreed to use the pseudonym “Jackie Boston.”

Here are just a few questions that Jackie answered concerning her friend:

How long did your friend’s charade take place before she told you?
“A year passed before she actually told me…”

How did this affect your friendship? Have you been forced to lie to people too? “…Since she went through such measures to protect her fabricated marital bliss, I just supported her…”

What advice would you give others who have lied about relationships just to appease other folks? After experiencing this situation through my friends eyes and a few of my own crumbled relationships, I’d say just be real. Lies will come to light one day; one-way or another. The stress from the conniving is not worth your dignity, sanity and most of all, relationships with friends and relatives. Once discovered, you are labeled as a liar, but now, an insane liar. Self-dignity is well worth preserving.

Jackie Boston’s best friend faked a Las Vegas wedding. In My Invisible Husband, the fictional character, Nikki Montana, faked a Las Vegas wedding. How far would you go to please your family and friends?

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