Sade’s Secret Press Release

Award-winning author Shelia Goss launches new teen book series as “Sparkle” in an attempt to capture teen audience with contemporary age appropriate subject matter with launch of first book in the series “Sade’s Secret”
Author Shelia Goss

PRLog (Press Release)May 18, 2012 – Shreveport author Shelia Goss announces the launch of her new book genre and pen name aimed at contemporary teen audiences. Goss, who writes under the pen name “Sparkle” for the new Sweet Sixteen series, hopes that the serious social issues discussed in the book opens a dialogue for healing for teens facing similar issues. In the series, three high school friends (Sade, Crystal and Dena) share their stories in first person and tackle such issues as molestation, promiscuity, alcoholism and self-esteem issues.

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