New Young Adult Series by Shelia M. Goss

The Ultimate Test


 The Diva’s Creed: All for one, one for all; never let the other fall.

Ever since they met in their elite private school, Britney, Jasmine, and Sierra have lived by these words, but now that they’re entering their freshman year in a public high school, their bond is about to be put to the ultimate test.

The daughters of wealthy Texas socialites, these girls are used to getting whatever they want, so it’s no surprise to them when the gorgeous DJ takes them under his wing. Drama soon comes their way in the form of Tanisha, a jealous older student who thinks DJ’s attention should be focused solely on her.

Even Tanisha’s threats can’t intimidate these girls as they form a united front against her. They’re tighter than ever—until a sticky situation complicates everything. Jasmine and Sierra both fall head over heels in love with DJ. Could this really mean the end of their friendship?

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ISBN: 978-1-60162-186-3
Publisher: Kensington Books/Urban Books
Imprint: Urban Renaissance

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The Ultimate Test: The Lip Gloss Chronicles by Shelia M. Goss
ISBN: 978-1-60162-186-3

Publisher: Kensington Books/Urban Books

Imprint: Urban Renaissance

Young Adult (4 Stars)

Girls Will Be Girls? 

The Ultimate Test by Shelia Marie Goss is the prolific author’s first novel for and about young adults. From the first page, the reader is caught up in the flavor, authenticity, and language of young adults and how they feel, think, and respond to what goes on around them. Britney Franklin is a young, beautiful, rich fly-girl. She and her friends, Sierra and Jasmine, have been girls since grade school and they share everything. The three of them are very excited about their freshman year at Plano High School . However, they are going to find out that with growing up comes growing pains.  

On the first day of school, the young ladies set their eyes on D.J. and immediately Sierra and Jasmine are smitten. Britney is not impressed with him and is amazed that her friends will potentially allow a boy to come between them. There are also other girls on the scene, such as Tanisha who is also interested in D.J. and will possibly fight for his attention but, surely these classy young women know better than that?  

The trio face other issues that are as important as boy troubles. Britney is horrified to discover her parents are expecting another child when she is a teenager and has been an only child. Sierra is dealing with weight gain and how that affects her self-esteem. And, though she will never admit it, Jasmine is dealing with jealousy of a friend. Will these young ladies be able to grow up and stay together or will the tests they face tear them apart?  Ms. Goss answers these questions and more in her wonderful novel about young girls in today’s world.  

I recommend The Ultimate Test to all readers. Teens will be able to relate and appreciate and older readers will reflect and remember.  

Angelia Menchan
APOOO BookClub


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