Writing Samples

Below are samples of some topics I’ve discussed in articles and blog discussions:

To Text or Not Text

Why do guys you just meet feel that its okay to send a text message before picking up the phone to call? I’m all high tech and in fact I just got the latest Blackberry on the market, but I’m old school when it comes to dating. Fellows pick up the phone and call a woman unless she lets you know that texting is okay.

1. Let your first communication be with a phone call.

2. Sending a quick text during the course of the day because you’re at work to say you were thinking about them, enjoyed your date–okay; but setting up a first date via text is not okay.

3. If you’re at home, why are you texting? Pick up the phone. Call the person. Are you hiding something and that’s why you can’t talk?

You Don’t Have to Be Beyonce to Date a Jay Z

Now that I got your attention, read on. Back in the day, it was every little girls wish to meet her fairy tale prince charming. As we grow older, the realization of that NOT happening can hit harder than a ton of bricks.  Although I’ve let go of believing in the fairy tale prince, I do think regardless of your age, your “Mister Right” is out there. No, he won’t be like the ones you read about in my books or like Beyonce’s Jay Z, but he does exist.  Here are some things you can do that will make you feel like the superstar that you are. I like to call them the 5 B’s:  

  1. Be Prettty. I don’t care if you’re the CEO of your own company or a young lady working behind the counter at McDonald’s, all women want to feel pretty. We want the man of our desires to find us attractive.  Being pretty doesn’t have to cost you. Try to be the best “you” by making sure when you leave the house your hair and clothes are together. If you’re not into wearing make-up, try Shock-o-late Lip Glass by M.A.C. or Wetslicks Sugar Maple Lip Gloss by Cover Girl.  Accessorize: earrings, a belt, a scarf, etc can bring a dull outfit to life.  Pretty is a state of mind—let it shine through from the inside–out.
  2. Be Friendly.  Nothing says “I’m approachable” like a big ol’ beautiful smile. If you’re in the store and pass by a man you find attractive, it doesn’t hurt to speak first. Don’t walk around frowning. Nobody wants to be around a sourpuss. A friendly gesture might be all it takes for your prince charming to give you a second look.

How Soon is Too Soon

Dating and relationships can be so complicated. When do you know it’s time to go from “just dating” to a committed relationship?

Is it when:

  • you’re spending more time together than apart
  • time flies by when you’re with them
  • you find you have a lot in common and you actually like them
  • you realize this is someone you want to know better
  • you both realize that you don’t want to date anyone else

Should there be a time line from dating to relationship–should you date for months before deciding he or she is someone you want to see exclusively? How soon is too soon?

Pre-Screening Dates One Application at a Time

Dating these days isn’t as simple as it used to be. Even when a friend or family member introduce you to a potential mate, you have to be selective and interview them. You need to know more about them than what kind of car they drive, cell phone number and email address.

Before getting seriously involved with someone there are things you need to know before letting them into your innercircle. Have you met any of his family or friends? How do they interact? What is his religious preference? What information is he volunteering? Most men live by the motto: ”don’t ask, don’t tell,” so get your list together and the next time you’re face to face, ask. Ask, not interrogate. Be prepared however to answer the same questions honestly. It’s only fair.

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