Shelia M Goss also writes as Sparkle.

A little bit about  “Sparkle.” Sparkle’s books are targeted towards the adults and young adults who normally read street fiction with adults in mind.  Sparkle tones it down, but still gives it that edgy, raw and exciting feel that readers of street fiction enjoy but with young adults as the central characters.

About Crystal’s Crush by Sparkle:

Crystal Jackson is surrounded by drama. Her parents are constantly arguing and fighting. To escape the drama at home, she befriends Tyreek “Ty” Davis. Crystal ignores her two BFFs, Dena and Sade, warning about Ty and her crush leads her into a full blown relationship with him. Ty’s dreams of being a football star are threatened to be crushed when he finds himself mixed up in his older brother’s drama. Crystal learns that Ty is more than a high school student, he works for his brother. Ty soon discovers the identity of his father and his father’s enemies set out to kill him and anyone close to him. Crystal and Ty are like a new age Bonnie and Clyde as they go on one deadly adventure after another. Lives are lost and enemies crossed. There’s nothing sweet about turning sixteen as Crystal quickly finds out in this edgy tale of drama, intrigue and teenage love.

A note from the author: SADE’S SECRET is probably one of the most impactful books I’ve ever written. Its edgy and raw and will have readers, young and old, talking back to the book. It’s a book that both mothers and daughters can read.

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About Sade’s Secret by Sparkle:
There’s nothing sweet about turning sixteen as three friends will soon find out.

Fifteen-year-old Sade Washington has been harboring a secret from her two best friends, Crystal Jackson and Dena Bradford. Her secret is threatened to be revealed when she discovers she’s pregnant. Once Sade’s secret is out, it causes a wedge between her and her mother Joyce. Distraught at her mother’s reactions, Sade toils with a love/hate relationship with her.

Joyce struggles with keeping peace in her household. The relationship between her daughter and live-in boyfriend, Calvin has her in an emotional turmoil. Joyce is determined to make their home a happy one by any means necessary.

Sade attempts to have a normal teen life, but as she turns sixteen, reality hits her head on. She must make choices that will not only affect her future, but that of her unborn child. Sade’s Secret takes the reader on an emotional ride as it deals with a strong subject matter and the dynamics of mother-daughter relationships.

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Sade’s Secret is a very timely story that should be read, by mothers and daughters, men and educators and discussed widely. Kudos to Sparkle for a story that could have been dark and heavy but was relatable and interesting at the same time. ~ Angelia Menchan

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