Available for pre-order on December 14, 2014

Publisher: Samhain Publishing


Business and pleasure don’t mix…until emotion enters the scene.

Charlotte Richards didn’t get to be one of Hollywood’s top talent managers by dating her clients. When it comes to her career, her heart is not part of the contract—no matter how enticing the star.

From the moment she steps into Sean Maxwell’s fabulous home, though, the cool, professional persona she’s worked so hard to build threatens to melt in desire hotter than Sean’s sexy R&B lyrics.

Sean’s attraction to Charlotte is nothing new, at least not to him. He fell for her the moment he spotted her at a celebrity gala years ago. Now, with his old manager kicked to the curb, it’s the perfect time to bring her into his life.

The sparks between them blow Sean’s plan to take things slow right off the charts. And his determination to win her runs into overtime when the ghosts of his past threaten to destroy their one chance at love.

More information to come:

17 Nov 2014
November 17, 2014

Romance Books Coming Soon

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flamesofpassionFlames of Passion by Kayla Perrin

Their spark is burning hot…

Betrayed by love in the past, Nya Lowe has vowed to steer clear of future heartbreak. But when she sees her deceitful ex at a party, she does something totally out of character and puts the moves on sexy San Diego firefighter Tyler Johansen. Her payback plan backfires when her counterfeit “boyfriend” starts breaking down her defenses…kiss by sizzling kiss.

Tyler risks his life every day, but he isn’t ready to gamble with his heart again. Yet ever since the sultry photographer kissed him, all he wants is to keep Nya in his arms. As they stoke the flames of a dangerous desire, a suspicious fire and near-fatal collision raise the stakes for them. Will they both be burned again? Or can they trust each other enough to turn their pretend romance into a forever love?

thewayyouloveThe Way You Love Me by Donna Hill

Making a case for love…

Struggling law student Bailey Sinclair is working two jobs to make ends meet on the night a charismatic stranger walks into her bar. The attraction between them is instantaneous—and explosive. Until Bailey discovers that her anonymous hunk is none other than Justin Lawson, one of the richest, most hotly pursued bachelors in all of Baton Rouge.

Justin is thrilled to discover that the woman managing the bar at his family’s celebration at the Lawson mansion is the intriguing beauty he hasn’t been able to forget. Now all he wants is to lavish Bailey with gifts and his passionate attention. But she’s too proud and independent to accept his help—and determined to make it on her own. They may come from different worlds, but doesn’t Bailey realize there are no obstacles to love…if she’s willing to trust him with her heart?

There’s nothing like a mixture of romance and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seats.

thebetrayedThe Betrayed by Heather Graham

Sleepy Hollow isn’t so sleepy anymore…

One night, New York FBI agent Aiden Mahoney receives a visitor in a dream—an old friend named Richard Highsmith. The very next day he’s sent to Sleepy Hollow because Richard’s gone missing there.

Maureen—Mo—Deauville now lives in the historic town and works with her dog, Rollo, to search for missing people. She’s actually the one to find Richard…or more precisely his head, stuck on a statue of the legendary Headless Horseman.

Mo and Aiden, a new member of the Krewe of Hunters, the FBI’s unit of paranormal investigators, explore both past and present events to figure out who betrayed Richard, who killed him and now wants to kill them, too. As they work together, they discover that they share an unusual trait—the ability to communicate with the dead. They also share an attraction that’s as intense as it is unexpected…if they live long enough to enjoy it!


Bind by Katie Porter

Ropes, passion, danger, diamonds…mission accomplished.

Command Force Alpha, Book 3

Widower Nicholas “Nicky” Stafford, leader of Command Force Alpha, has known love, loss and high-stakes danger. Recent run-ins with a Russian conglomerate codenamed Firebird have been the most challenging of his career.

He trusts his professional judgment, but cannot trust his desires when a colleague insists the only way to trace Firebird’s dirty money is to pose as besotted lovers at a fetish conference. Nicky hasn’t touched shibari rope since his beloved wife’s death.

Astrid Holm has lost everything. Twice. Her father bankrupted her family, then she became notorious after blowing the whistle at a Fortune 500. With her career in ruins, she found herself sitting opposite steely-eyed Colonel Stafford…who made her CFA’s top accountant.

As they explore the conference’s dangerous delights, Nicky discovers that Astrid’s sweet eccentricities revitalize his soul. When bound by his skilled hands, Astrid finds the safety she craves. That safety is short-lived. Before passion can become love, they must evade traps more elaborate than the knots that bind them.

cyber-illusionsCyber Illusions by Nikki Duncan

Torn between promises and passion, duty and desire…

Sensory Ops, Book 6

Taryn Bellamy has shamelessly used the art of illusion to build a name for herself in the entertainment industry. But it hasn’t magically made it easier to raise the twins left in her care by her past best friend.

After one of the twins runs away, Taryn chases the girl all the way to Miami, where she comes to face to face with the kids’ father. He’s an FBI agent—and he sparks a dangerous heat in her veins. Heat that could send the heart and soul of her closely guarded life up in a puff of magical smoke.

When tech genius Tyler Greer traces a hacker’s cyber trail to a private runway at a Miami airport, he’s surprised to find Taryn, whom he suspects was involved in a series of high-profile art thefts years ago. A crime he could never quite make stick to the slippery, sensual illusionist.

Then he discovers the kids in her care are his. The truth rocks Tyler’s world…and leaves Taryn fearing the greatest crime will be against her heart.

Are you looking for romance books with a Christmas or Holiday theme? If so, you can’t go wrong by getting any one of the following titles:

hotchristmasnightsHot Christmas Nights (Tuscan Nights\Christmas Tango\Tied Up in Tinsel) by Farrah Rochon, Terra Little, Velvet Carter

Baby it’s cold outside, so stay warm with three sexy and sizzling-hot holiday stories…

Tuscan Nights by Farrah Rochon

It’s not the breathtaking scenery that brings Aiden Williams to Italy for Christmas—it’s gorgeous pastry chef Nyla Thompson. Five years ago Aiden’s older brother was fool enough to let Nyla go. Now a mature and sexy Aiden is determined to turn their Italian fling into everlasting amore….

Vegas Affair by Terra Little

Professional dancer Wendy Kincaid thinks she knows her best friend, Frazier Abernathy, inside out. But he’s got a season of surprises in store for the woman he’s always desired, leading to a Las Vegas rendezvous, where he’ll raise the stakes in an all-out merry seduction….

Tied Up In Tinsel by Velvet Carter

Entertainment agent Landis Keates is stunned to learn that his old college classmate is now an international singing sensation! Back then, he was too clueless to notice Brooke Lynn Samuels. Now a friend’s winter wedding in picturesque Bridgehampton is the perfect backdrop to a very intimate Yuletide reunion….

twelvedaysofpleasureTwelve Days of Pleasure by Deborah Fletcher Mello

Twelve days isn’t nearly long enough…

Vanessa Harrison’s holiday spirit goes from humdrum to armed and dangerous when the filmmaker becomes an eyewitness to a crime. Spirited away to a Caribbean hideout for her safety, she isn’t prepared for her instant attraction to gorgeous, take-no-prisoners FBI agent Kendrick Boudreaux. On Pleasure Island—where every sensual fantasy is fulfilled—her vow to never trust another man melts in the heat of Kendrick’s sizzling embrace.

Kendrick must keep Vanessa safe. But in his protective arms, desire ignites, and soon they’re giving in to their deepest passions. Now he’s determined to turn their days of pleasure into a lifetime of bliss. Until a shocking revelation threatens their future together, forcing Kendrick to choose between his career and the woman he has come to cherish….

lisamarieperryJust for Christmas Night by Lisa Marie Perry

A red-hot holiday

Pro football publicist Martha Blue has something to prove. To protect the image of the Las Vegas Slayers—and stay employed—she has to shed her party-girl reputation. Fast! So no more mistakes. No further scandals. And absolutely no falling for the one man who can give her everything she wants…and nothing of what she needs.

Danger and desire never mixed well for undefeated prizefighter Joaquin Ryder. A friend of the Blue family, he’s a man who knows his boundaries…boundaries he has secretly crossed only once before. Now that he’s back in Sin City to train for the biggest fight of his career, he can’t afford to let a sexy distraction like Martha put him against the ropes. Revisiting their sizzling past is something he isn’t willing to risk—until a steamy Yuletide encounter, where for just one night, they’ll surrender completely….

maccabeebookcover For Kids of All Ages:
The Maccabee on the Mantel Book and Plush Toy unique combination makes a great gift for boys and girls. The colorful book can be used as a teaching tool about Hanukkah.

makecomicslike Make Comics Like the Pros: The Inside Scoop on How to Write, Draw, and Sell Your Comic Books and Graphic Novels by Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente is a must have for any aspiring comic writer’s personal library. The book discusses the comic creation process. Readers will learn things that will help them in the development and implementation of their own comic project. One of the things that the writers share is that the comic creator must know their “premise.” What I liked about the book is that in addition to instructions, the writers gave good examples and also included additional resources that will increase the comic book creators knowledge.

This book is highly recommended for those considering writing comics or it makes a great gift for those you know who are interested in comic book writing.

14 Nov 2014
November 14, 2014

The Fright Night Files

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I know I’m a little late posting about  TV ONE’s The Fright Night Files but I finally got a chance to watch the shows and enjoyed them all. A little birdie told me that this may be something new to watch weekly, so let’s hope that it’s true.  Below is a little more about each one. The Fright Night Files is a series of original short films.

For the Love of Lockwood Clip HERE

Starring Eva MarcilleSean Blakemore and Lynn Whitfield

An overzealous bride-to-be, Marla (Marcille) drives her groom, Lockwood (Blakemore) to call off the wedding just days before the ceremony. An accidental overdose of a special love potion creates a catastrophic turn of events, causing Lockwood to take his ‘till death do us part’ vow to a terrifying new level.

Mirror Mirror Clip HERE

Starring Victoria RowellHarry LennixDavetta Sherwood and Karrueche Tran

A scorned ex-girlfriend, Jessica (Sherwood) begins to experiment with black magic to punish the man who broke her heart, Ronald (Lennix) and the new woman in his life Alexa (Rowell).

Pillow Talk Channel 187

Starring Elise Neal and Bokeem Woodbine

A seductive evening DJ, Coffee Black (Neal), has a voice that lures men into her twisted spell, where they can’t help but gravitate to her. However this DJ’s world gets turned upside down when past lovers begin to call her station to haunt her, while breaking down the walls of her sanity in the process.


[New York, NY] - For generations, families everywhere have fallen in love with the musical score to “Annie,” and such iconic songs as “Tomorrow,” “It’s the Hard-Knock Life,” and “Maybe,” have provided the soundtrack to countless childhood memories.

Now, as a new vision for the classic show is set to hit movie theaters on December 19 in Columbia Pictures’ Annie, Roc Nation Records/Overbrook Entertainment/Madison Gate Records/RCA Records announce the “Annie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” will be released on November 17th, 2014.  The soundtrack features newly recorded versions of the film’s signature songs plus new tunes performed by Sia, Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis, Cameron Diaz, and more.

The first single from the soundtrack is the 2014 film version of “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile,” performed and co-written by Sia and produced by Greg Kurstin, who also serves as Executive Music Producer on the film.  The single is currently available at all digital music providers.

A sneak peak of the heartwarming music video for the song premiered on Good Morning America and can now be viewed on Filmed with the energetic backdrop of New York City, the video was helmed by the acclaimed director Will Gluck, who is also the film’s director.

Singer/songwriter Sia and producer/songwriter Greg Kurstin were charged with creating new arrangements for the classic songs, breathing new life into such iconic songs as “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (2014 Film Version),” “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (2014 Film Version),” and “Little Girls (2014 Film Version).”  They have also written new songs for the soundtrack, including “Opportunity,” “Who Am I,” and “Moonquake Lake” featuring Beck; Sia also co-wrote “The City’s Yours” with Stargate.  Matt Sullivan served as the film’s Executive Music Supervisor.

“Annie: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” track listing:

01 Overture - Cast

02 Maybe - Quvenzhané Wallis, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Nicolette Pierini, Eden Duncan-Smith

and Amanda Troya

03 It’s The Hard-Knock Life - Quvenzhané Wallis, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Nicolette Pierini, Eden Duncan-Smith and Amanda Troya

04 Tomorrow - Quvenzhané Wallis

05 I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (2014 Film Version) – Quvenzhané Wallis, Rose Byrne and Stephanie Kurtzuba

06 You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (2014 Film Version) – Sia

07 Moonquake Lake - Sia and Beck

08 Little Girls (2014 Film Version) – Cameron Diaz

09 The City’s Yours - Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis

10 Opportunity - Quvenzhané Wallis

11 Easy Street (2014 Film Version) – Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale

12 Who Am I? - Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz and Quvenzhané Wallis

13 I Don’t Need Anything But You (2014 Film Version) – Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané Wallis and Rose Byrne

14 Tomorrow (Reprise) - Cast

15 Opportunity (Sia Version) - Sia [Version does not appear in film]

A Broadway classic that has delighted audiences for generations comes to the big screen with a new, contemporary vision in Columbia Pictures’ comedy Annie.  Director/Producer/Screenwriter Will Gluck teams with producers James Lassiter, Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith, Caleeb Pinkett, and Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, Laurence “Jay” Brown, and Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith with a modern telling that captures the magic of the classic characters and original show that won seven Tony Awards. Celia Costas and Alicia Emmrich serve as Executive Producers.  The screenplay is by Will Gluck and Aline Brosh McKenna, based on the musical stage play “Annie,” book by Thomas Meehan, music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, and on “Little Orphan Annie,” © and ® Tribune Content Agency, LLC.

Academy Award® nominee Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) stars as Annie, a young, happy foster kid who’s also tough enough to make her way on the streets of New York in 2014. Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they’d be back for her someday, it’s been a hard knock life ever since with her mean foster mom Miss Hannigan (Cameron Diaz). But everything’s about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks (Jamie Foxx) – advised by his brilliant VP, Grace (Rose Byrne) and his shrewd and scheming campaign advisor, Guy (Bobby Cannavale) – makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in. Stacks believes he’s her guardian angel, but Annie’s self-assured nature and bright, sun-will-come-out-tomorrow outlook on life just might mean it’s the other way around.


“You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile” (2014 Film Version):


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Instagram: @anniemovie

04 Nov 2014
November 4, 2014

In Memory of My Dad

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I miss my dad today more so than others. I will never forget that 1:30 am call on November 4th. 11/4 is a day that will forever be embedded in my mind. ‪#‎RIP‬ ‪#‎Sohardtosaygoodbyetoyesterday‬


I’m excited to announce that my book, The Joneses, is listed as one of the Library Journal’s Best Books of 2014.

If you haven’t read The Joneses yet, check it out: